Sunday, March 8, 2009

The sound of Allen Fieldhouse

A far more eloquent writer than me--Joe Posnanski--finally captured the Allen Fieldhouse experience and "the sound."

"The sound" of Allen Fieldhouse is that moment in a game when the place explodes--almost literally--in a way that is only understood if one has attended a game in the "ol' barn." That moment happened on Saturday when Brady Morningstar hit the 3-pointer which propelled Kansas to their comeback against Texas, their fifth straight conference title, and their 41st straight win at home.

I've been blessed to hear that sound many, many times--Jacque Vaughan's turnaround layup against UCLA comes to mind or Keith Langford's jumper in the lane to beat Georgia Tech. These are moments where the fieldhouse takes on a religious aura--a communal place where only the brethren inside it can understand "the sound" and what it means.

A tip of the hat, then, on this day of worship to the "ol' barn"--a holy place for we Jayhawk acolytes, we makers of "the sound," who help keep the tradition of this 54-year old building alive.

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