Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Customer service

We all have horror stories of some sort of poor customer service experience, whether it be in a restaurant, with a cable company, a wireless company, or some other sort of service provider.

Business Week recently published a report on "Customer Service Champs." These are those companies that performed best when measured by quality of staff and efficiency of service.

Coming in first was Amazon. Anyone who has ordered from Amazon or used their site can attest to the terrific customer experience. The navigation is easy, the ordering process simple, and return customers can quickly order and pay.

After Amazon, the top ten were: USAA (insurance), Jaguar (auto), Lexus (auto), Ritz-Carlton (hotel), Publix (supermarket), Zappos (online/catalog retail), Hewlett-Packard (consumer electronics), T. Rowe Price (brokerage) and Ace Hardware (home improvement.)

Others noted in the top 25 included Nordstrom (no surprise there), American Express, JetBlue (airlines), Apple and BMW.

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