Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday morning coffee

- Hey, Baylor and Missouri fans--plenty of tickets available for that championship clash today at 5 p.m. Kansas, Oklahoma and now Oklahoma State are all out of the tournament and those three are the ones who bring the biggest fan followings to Oklahoma City, when the tourney is played in the Ford Center. It's a bad weekend for scalpers in Bricktown.
- So, what do you all think of the new Facebook format? "What's on your mind?" seems a pretty deep question to answer versus the prior "Mike is..." construct of the updates that one could provide on one's status.
- The weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal has a story titled "Merlot Makes a Comeback." Two merlots listed in the story which we have tried, and enjoyed, are the Benziger Family Winery 2005 and the Chateau St. Jean 2005. Both cost less than $16 a bottle and can be found locally. (We have visited both wineries. The cover photo on this blog is from the Chateau St. Jean winery courtyard. And, the Benziger winery tour, in Sonoma County, is a lot of fun as its a small, family-run business.)

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