Monday, March 2, 2009

Quick Hits

- It's a big television viewing night tonight as the finale of The Bachelor goes against a two-hour episode of 24. It'll be the "most dramatic rose ceremony" ever going toe-to-toe with Jack Bauer and his weekly emotional rollercoaster ride. Personally, I think I'll opt for my guy Jack...
- Birthday shout-outs are in abundance today--author Tom Wolfe turns 79; Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay, is 32; actor Daniel Craig is 41; and rocker Jon Bon Jovi is 47. By the way, any of Wolfe's works are worth a read (or re-read) but the one that would stand out as an interesting moment in time read, versus now, is Bonfire of the Vanities. And, if you haven't read The Right Stuff, do it...
- I'm sorry, but a 3 point line favoring Kansas yesterday was unusually low. I'm not sure what the guys in Vegas were thinking.

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