Sunday, March 8, 2009

Casseroles making a comeback

When I was growing up, Mom made a casserole dish that I absolutely hated--awful stuff, as I recall, but Dad must have liked it...or I did a good job of faking it.

So, it struck me as funny when I read an article a week or so ago suggesting that casseroles were making a comeback. The reason? The state of the American economy.

In this era of Food Network and numerous cookbooks, the casserole is making a comeback among cash-strapped consumers. Recently, casseroles only seemed to show up at church potluck suppers or as something to make and then give to a family in need for easy warming-and-serving.

But now, the one-dish staple of another era is being prepared more regularly because it's cheap, easy to fix, and consists of ingredients likely to be found in your pantry right now.

Packaged good companies like Kraft and Campbell are jumping on the craze by providing casserole recipes more frequently on their websites and on packaging.

Do you have a favorite casserole recipe? Great...keep it in you own family.

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  1. What about taco casserole?!? Now that's a delicious dish! Didn't the recipe originally come from Momo?