Monday, March 16, 2009

"Monday morning you sure look fine..."

Yes, this Monday morning sure does look fine, to borrow from a Fleetwood Mac lyric. It's a beautiful day here in the heart of America, yours truly is on vacation, March Madness starts this Thursday, and we've got lots to muse on this morning.

- Nancy Wilson turns 55 today. Nancy is one-half of the Wilson sisters, the duo who led 1970's band Heart. Nancy is married to Cameron Crowe, contributing editor for Rolling Stone, who wrote and was the inspiration for the movie, Almost Famous.
- The weather forecast in Kansas City for tomorrow is 80 and partly cloudy. Methinks there will be plentiful drunk, wannabe Irish-people out and about in Westport and other watering hole locales.
- FOX's 24 continues tonight with Jack Bauer having helped save the President and the White House from a terrorist attack. Alas, Jack's day is not yet done...
- This is the week when it seems all of Johnson County (Kansas) departs for spring break trips far and wide. So, for any of you burglars out there, have at it this week in places like Overland Park and Leawood.
- University of Kansas alum Paul Rudd's film, "I Love You Man," opens this Friday. Rudd continues to carve out an everyman niche for himself and was recently featured in a Vanity Fair photo spread with other young comedic actors.
- Welcome, Memphis fans, to Kansas City. The Tigers are a #2 seed in the West region and open play this Thursday at the Sprint Center. If last year's Final Four was any indication, expect a lot of Memphis followers in Kansas City this weekend. In San Antonio last April, the Memphis fans were outnumbered only by Kansas fans, and were very nice folk.

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