Thursday, January 2, 2014

I know...right?

I find it interesting that the past few days have brought many a column and opinion piece on what we should leave behind from 2013, including words and phrases that have far out-worn their welcome.  Today's Wall Street Journal featured a piece where prominent CEOs provided input on what business terms should go bye-bye.  And, an online column from Esquire today was titled "27 Things to Leave Behind in 2014" with the majority of the editorializing being about how we butcher word usage.

Let me affirm a few suggestions I've read over the past couple of days and throw in a few others for good measure.

Hate:  Can we please--PLEASE--stop using this word as a throw-away, easy substitute for "dislike?"  "I hate how she wears her hair."  "I hate the way he acts in a meeting."  Really, people, you "hate" it?  It's a disservice to what this word used to describe to so cavalierly throw it around in today's world.

So...:  I'll admit, this one is a challenge, but let's all make a pact that we need to work hard to find other ways to start a conversation.  Using "so" as the universal conversation starter has become "soooo" over-used.

Twerk:  Okay, this is blindingly obvious but I placed it here for one reason--Miley Cyrus.  Let's. All. Just. Walk. Away.

Right...?:  When did this happen?  How often do you hear "I know...right?"  Well, if you know then why do you need my affirmation back since you're already reacting to something I just asked or said?

Viral:  I know that every client wants a viral video and that we all hope to pen/produce something that goes "viral."  I hate to break it to you--it's not going to happen as being the next WestJet holiday video takes creativity, guts and, most of all, luck.

Score the basketball:  Those of you who follow my sports blog know this pet peeve of mine.  You can't make points in basketball without the ball going in the hoop!  Thus, the phrase "score the basketball" is either incredibly obvious or incredibly stupid.

Love:  We started this blog with the word "hate" so it's only fitting that "love" ends the piece.  Yes, I know that you love that Michael Kors bag or that it's hard not to love this actor or that actress.  But, let's save "love" for the important stuff, shall we?

Happy 2014, everybody!