Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mayor Funk

The City Council of Kansas City, MO stood up to Mayor Mark Funkhouser's plan to cut the city's subsidy to the Truman Sports Complex.

In a melodramatic scene yesterday, Funkhouser appeared with the city's Police Chief to plead his case about the "choice between families and football players, between cops and choice seats."

What Funk failed to note is the income derived from the teams, the stadiums and the visitors attracted to Kansas City by the Chiefs and the Royals. Further, his call for cutting the subsidy ignores the voters of Kansas City, MO who approved a sales tax, in 2006, to finance more than $500 million worth of stadium improvements.

The Mayor continues to be an embarrassment and liability to Kansas City, MO. Whether it's the public feud with the City Council, the actions of his wife as his "advisor," or this, the Funk has proven that he is not worthy of the title of mayor of a major U.S. city.

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