Friday, March 20, 2009

Crocs in trouble

As much as I dislike reporting on another company in trouble, I cannot say that I'm sorry about the news that ugly shoe-maker Crocs is having financial woes.

Crocs are the rubberized, clog-like sandal "shoe" that gained popularity a few years ago and have since become standard fare on the feet of adults and children. My beef is that they became replacement wear for all footwear and, in my opinion, were continuing proof of the dumbing down of American style.

The company's auditors have expressed "substantial doubt" about the firm's ability to continue as a growing concern. Sales have fallen and the fad appears to have died away.

Here's hoping that Earth Shoes don't make a comeback as a Crocs alternative.


  1. Talk about detailed! I don't need to watch the games... I can just read your play-by-play! ;)

  2. By the way, my comment was meant to go under your latest March Madness update. Whoops! But, I am surprised to hear the news about Crocs, although not disappointed (ugly "shoes")!...