Thursday, March 5, 2009

Being a blogger

When I started Musings, Notes & Quotes, a friend and fellow blogger told me "get ready to feed the beast." By that he meant, get ready to figure out how to keep the content fresh and updated.

Most days, this isn't a struggle since the purpose of this blog is to offer up short reflections on the variety of topics listed up above. At the same time, it is a struggle to come up with things that I think readers will find interesting, compelling and intriguing enough to bring them back for more.

So, do me a favor and help me out by dropping me a line. Let me know what content you've sampled here, over the past three weeks, is of highest interest. With your help, we'll keep this little enterprise going.

And, do me a favor--feel free to send a link to this blog along to your friends. Readership will only help keep the content fresh by multiple ideas flowing into the ol' newsroom here in Leawood, KS.

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