Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tales of seedings

The Wall Street Journal reported on teams in this year's NCAA Tournament who have been historically over-seeded (i.e., ranked higher than deserved by the selection committee) as well as under-seeded. The results were calculated by recording the scores of every tournament game played since 1985 coupled with the seeds of each team, as determined by the committee.

Here is the list of top five over-seeded teams, beginning with Wake Forest who has done less than any other school to justify its seed: Wake Forest (5.68 average points below seed), New Mexico State (4.92), Clemson (4.65), BYU (4.47) and Tennessee (3.62).

The top five under-seeded teams are: West Virginia (4.08 average points above seed), Texas A&M (3.57), Kansas (3.28), Kentucky (3.25) and Louisville (2.79).

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