Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday morning coffee

- Who knew? The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay discovered that printing out e-mails in Century Gothic font versus Arial font saved them, on average, 30% less ink. (Perhaps they should consider not even printing out their e-mails.)

- Did you see that clip of Sarah Palin with John McCain yesterday? Has Palin gone biker chick on us with that leather jacket?

- One of the downsides of religiously watching the NCAA Tournament is seeing the same commercials--over and over and over. And, after watching the Southwest Airlines spot with the baggage handlers baring their chests, I think the other commercials in their campaign comparing their "bags fly free" to the competition are more effective.

- Remember when University of Florida head football coach Urban Meyer announced that he planned to take a break from coaching? What happened to that plan? This week Meyer looked like a guy who's over-stressed and needs that sabbatical from the sidelines. Check out Meyer's eruption with an Orlando Sentinel reporter over what Meyer felt was an ill-written story on one of his players:

- In the "what if" department, what if Baylor does indeed make it to the NCAA Final Four and then wins the national championship? Would they be invited to the White House, as is the custom? In case you missed it, the new president of Baylor University is Kenneth Starr--the same Kenneth Starr who was the independent counsel when Bill Clinton was president and whose investigation led to the impeachment of Clinton.

- Rumors of a Genesis reunion seem to be predicated on Phil Collins' health. Collins had neck surgery recently which caused nerve damage, making it difficult for him to use his hands much less hold onto drum sticks.

- Back on the NCAA Tournament, my predictions for today are Kansas State and Kentucky advancing to the Final Four. Tomorrow, I think Duke will end Baylor's run and Michigan State will take down Tennessee. While I thought Kailan Lucas' injury would be Michigan State's undoing, they have a guy on their sideline--Tom Izzo--who's been here many times before and will coach his team into the Final Four once again.

- Sad news--Shawn Jackson, the mother of former University of Kansas basketball star Darnell Jackson, died this week. Jackson had a very public battle with cancer during the 2008 national championship season of the University of Kansas. Darnell, who was acquired by the Milwaukee Bucks this week, is headed back to Oklahoma City for the services.

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