Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dancing With the Stars lineup

After a down year in 2009, ABC's Dancing With the Stars just announced the 2010 lineup of stars and the possibilities are pretty tantalizing. Notwithstanding the gratuitous ABC tie-ins for many of those announced, there are some interesting story lines:

- Erin Andrews, ESPN's premier sideline reporter, will be paired with Maksim Chmerkovskiy. "Max" has a tendency to be a bit of a flake so it'll be interesting to see how his personality meshes with Andrews. Don't think of EA as just a pretty face--she was a Dazzler at the University of Florida, the dance group for the Gator basketball team.

- Jake Pavelka, most recently seen crying over his break-up with Tenley on The Bachelor, only to turn around and get on one knee for the proposal to Vienna, was ABC's surprise final contestant named to the show. Between going on cool dates to exotic locales like Saint Lucia to now going on DWTS, I wonder how Pavelka is holding down his airline pilot job? And, what will Vienna, who displayed some jealous tendencies on The Bachelor, think of Jake's shimmying with Chelsie Hightower?

- Pamela Anderson? Hmm...can she really stay in one of those dance costumes? The network will be on high alert for possible wardrobe malfunctions.

- Shannen Doherty, TV bad girl, will be paired with nice guy dancer Mark Ballas. Methinks Doherty could take an early exit.

- This season's requisite "old guy" is astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Aldrin has a great personality and should be fun out on the dance floor.

- Cheryl Burke drew the dance pro short straw, partnering with volatile football star Chad Ochocinco. Burke danced last year with Tom DeLay so this will be the second straight season where Burke is paired with a challenging partner.

- Evan Lysacek has to be considered a favorite, given the moves the dude showed on the ice in capturing an Olympic figure skating gold medal.

- And, finally, Kate Gosselin. When will this 15 minutes of fame end...? And, if ABC really wanted to boost ratings, why not involve ex-husband Jon as a contestant as well?

DWTS will debut later this month.

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