Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Dancing With the Stars"

The 2010 edition of Dancing With the Stars debuted on ABC last night and this season's highly anticipated start offered up some expected performances, and provided fodder for opinions on the "fairness" of the show.

- It's a joke to have 80 year old Buzz Aldrin as a contestant. One, there's no way he will win. Two, it's demeaning to a former astronaut to have him in that position. Sure, I understand that he accepted the opportunity--I just wish he'd never been asked. I know that ABC has celebs like Cloris Leachman and Aldrin on in order to juice ratings, i.e., "hey, look at the old dude dancing!" But, it was hard to watch last night...

- Evan Lysacek was not as good as expected--the artistry we saw on the ice at the Olympics did not translate to the dance floor. It was interesting to hear Lysacek talk about turning in the opposite direction from what he was used to on skates. Let's hope he can figure it out as I had expected the male version of Kristi Yamaguchi.

- Pamela Anderson. Yowza. The woman plays to her strengths but the coolest thing about Ms. Anderson is her personality--she knows she's hot, she flaunts it, but she doesn't take herself too seriously.

- In the fairness department, how can you compare the background of Nicole Scherzinger with that of Anderson, Niecy Nash, Jake Pavelka or Kate Gosselin? I know that the network is trying to blend appealing stars with ones from different genres of entertainment in order to boost ratings. But, being a former Pussycat Doll means that you are (a) a dancer and (b) a singer...and the singing part is way overrated. Scherzinger was the standout last night and has to be considered the favorite to win, as long as she can appeal to the public who makes up 50% of the votes.

- Why are we being subjected to another season, on another show, with Pavelka? Is the guy really that universally appealing? He can't dance, that's for sure. And, what was with his current fiance sitting next to the gal (Gia) who Jake gilted on the last show? Creepy...

- Also in the "can we please move on" department--Ms. Gosselin. Seriously, boot her off...now.

- As much as I like Erin Andrews, I'm struck by her decision to go on this show. My opinion--this damages her sideline cred as an ESPN reporter but enhances her street cred should she decide that in her next life she wants to become an afternoon talk show host or take over Mary Hart's slot on Entertainment Tonight. The judges seemed surprised at her prowess last night. Don't forget that Ms. Andrews was a former member of the Dazzlers, the Florida Gator basketball dance team.

- Chad Ochocinco. I didn't see 85's performance but my wife's reaction was "he's hot!" Ochocinco's/Johnson's--ahem--physical assets coupled with his on-field bad boy image will entice viewership. It remains to be seen how long this will help him survive on the show.

- Finally, Brooke Burke. Talk about trading up over Samantha Harris!

It's nice to have another guilty pleasure back on the small screen.

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