Sunday, March 7, 2010

Reflections from the Rockies

There's nothing like some thin air to clear out the brain. Here then are some idle reflections from a long weekend spent amidst the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains:

- I still believe that when you land at Denver International Airport you're actually closer to Goodland, Kansas than you are to the mountains. The drive from DIA to ski resorts seems to take longer each time we come here.

- The challenge of watching the Kansas-Missouri game, yesterday on CBS, in between ski runs suddenly became another communal Jayhawk experience as three tables of KU fans cheered on our guys from McCoy's, at the base of Beaver Creek mountain.

- Is it just me or does the latest installation of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno seem a bit less-than-provocative? Yes, many of the guests have been A-listers but there just seems to be something missing.

- Kansas, Kentucky and Syracuse seem to be locks for #1 seeds in the upcoming NCAA Tourney. And, methinks you can pencil in Duke as the fourth because, well, they're Duke...

- Speaking of the NCAA Tournament, it's hypocritical of the NCAA or others to suggest that expanding the field is a good thing when you factor in the arguments made for why a college football playoff won't work. In the latter argument, administrators frequently cite concerns about the extra time away from the classroom if a college playoff existed. What do they think is going to happen with another week of practice and extended weekend of play in the NCAA Tournament if the field is expanded?

- Oscar observations: Sandra has on too much lipstick, Sarah Jessica's dress looks like the drapes from the living room, Steve and Alex really are funny and, yes, I'm still one of the few who thinks Avatar is over-rated.

- Finally, this is an incredibly dull Academy Awards broadcast...

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  1. Don't you think they are ALL dull? And yet, every year, I watch every minute.