Tuesday, March 16, 2010

65 reasons why college hoops is special

65. Pep bands
64. Rivalry week on ESPN
63. Cameron Indoor Stadium
62. Jumping jack students
61. North Carolina's uniforms
60. Magic versus Bird
59. Chris Webber calling a timeout...which Michigan did not have
58. The Pit
57. Texas Western beating Kentucky
56. Stormin' Norman
55. "The Big Dance"
54. Backdoor cuts
53. Danny and the Miracles
52. Bryce Drew's winning NCAA tournament shot off of the play drawn up on the sideline...by Valparaiso coach Homer Drew--Bryce's father
51. Tyus Edney
50. Selection Sunday
49. Keith Smart's shot to beat Syracuse
48. John Wooden
47. RPI (and people knowing what it means)
46. "One Shining Moment"
45. Hank Gaithers and Bo Kimble
44. The Palestra
43. Ol' Roy
42. Rupp's Runts
41. Psycho T
40. Filling out a tournament bracket...again...and again
39. Al McGuire's tears
38. Mid-majors
37. Triangle-and-two
36. Cleveland State beats Indiana
35. "Onions!"
34. Tark the Shark chewing on a towel
33. Bucknell
32. Triple overtime in Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City--North Carolina beats Kansas and Wilt Chamberlain
31. Christian Laettner's shot
30. Nicknames: Pistol Pete, Big Dipper, Hot Rod, Big O, The General, Doctors of Dunk, Big Nasty, Wizard of Westwood
29. Alcindor versus Hayes
28. Pete Carroll and Princeton
27. Walton: 21 of 22
26. Henry Iba
25. Derek Wittenburg to Lorenzo Charles
24. George Mason
23. Danny Ainge's layup against Notre Dame
22. Diaper dandies, PTPers and Rolls Royce players
21. Coaches versus Cancer
20. Syracuse's match-up zone
19. Beware of the Phog
18. Phi Slamma Jamma
17. Duke-North Carolina
16. Butler Fieldhouse
15. Fab Five
14. "March Madness"
13. Jim Valvano's mad dash
12. Mario's Miracle
11. Duke beating undefeated UNLV
10. Selection Sunday
9. Villanova beats Georgetown
8. "Survive and advance"
7. Coach K
6. A language all its own: "Score the ball;" "pass the rock;" "go to the tin;" "nothing but nylon;" "off the bounce;" "good handle;" "super, scintillating, sensational;" "Georgetown goes man-to-man!"
5. Big East post-season tournament at Madison Square Garden
4. 15 seed Richmond over Syracuse
3. "Rock chalk, Jayhawk, KU..."
2. James Naismith invented the game--in America
1. And, finally--a tournament decides a true national champion

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