Friday, January 28, 2011

Wrapping up the work week

- Let's give a shout-out to my parents who are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary today.

- Did you see that Taco Bell took out a full-page ad, in major dailies, with the basic tone of "c'mon--sue us!" The fast-food chain is using a consumer's complaint as an opportunity to turn the story into, hopefully, a positive one by implementing paid and social media to get out the story about the quality of their product.

- Here's an interesting statistic--in 2010, the entertainment dollar held steady versus other income outlays. The average U.S. consumer (head of household) spent $2,693 on entertainment--about 5.5% of their total annual spending. Housing and transportation spending were down, in comparison, with other expenses flat to slightly up. (Source: Consumer Expenditure Survey, U.S. Department of Labor 2010)

- On this day in 1986, the Challenger space shuttle exploded shortly after takeoff, killing all members aboard. This is one of those moments where seemingly everyone remembers where they were at when the tragedy occurred. I was headed into a client's office, in their building, when I received the news.

- Interested in knowing how a Wang Burger is made? Well, check out ESPN's College GameDay tomorrow, broadcast from Lawrence, KS, to find out. Hint: The Wang Burger is the special concoction grilled up at The Wagon Wheel Cafe, a k a The Wheel, just off campus at the University of Kansas.

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  1. I was in first grade, and because of the teacher who was on board, just about every student was watching this. We were in our classroom watching on the TV. The really weird part for me was that before the launch, I had this horrible feeling in my stomach (as a first grader!) that something really bad was about to happen.