Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday morning musings

- This week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the annual candy store for geeks and consumer electronics nuts, begins later this week and for the first time will have a keynote address from the world of advertising. A Friday panel will include Sir Martin Sorrell, head of the WPP Group; Michael Roth, head of Interpublic; and Joe Tripodi, Chief Marketing Officer for Coca-Cola.

- The Kansas City Chiefs did themselves no favors by losing yesterday to Oakland. The Chiefs now have to face Baltimore in the AFC Playoffs instead of the New York Jets--the preferred opponent. The Ravens, though, are banged up heading into Sunday's game--Michael Oher (he of Blind Side fame), Josh Wilson and Ed Reed are all injured. The key to this game will be Kansas City's ability to get the lead and then run the ball.

- The Bachelor starts up again tonight. Oh boy, howdy--you all know how I enjoy watching train wrecks.

- The best 20 minutes of Kansas basketball in this still young season was played in the first half last night against Miami (Ohio.)

- It doesn't rival what many thought might happen during Y2K, but the Apple iPhone had a significant glitch which impacted thousands who rely upon the phone's alarm feature. The alarm didn't work correctly when the new year changed over. For those misguided readers who may be carrying an iPhone, you can go to the support page at Apple's website where you'll be told to set the alarm to "recurring" mode to fix the problem.

- The Wall Street Journal reported today on what to expect in the world of advertising in 2011. Their predictions, as well as what they gained from those in the business who they polled, are: improved ("souped up") mobile advertising, virtual product demonstrations, TV apps, lifestyle tie-ins (e.g., running, triathlons, yoga), long-form advertising, major government legislation/regulation, brands becoming more open and honest about their products, a "return to the 1980's" with more use of acting talent from that decade, and--I can hardly wait--a renewed use of jingles.

- Finally, a birthday shout-out to classic rocker Stephen Stills. Stills turns 66 today.

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