Friday, January 21, 2011

Winners and losers

Winners: WalMart announced a plan to start offering healthier foods and received an endorsement from none other than the First Lady, Michelle Obama, an outspoken advocate in the national fight against childhood obesity. Mrs. Obama joined WalMart execs, who made their announcement in Washington, D.C.

Losers: It was a bad day for the Mafia yesterday--both the real as well as the fictional variety. Federal agents in New York led the biggest one-day bust of Mafia bad guys in U.S. history--127 wiseguys were held in a Brooklyn armory after the sweep. The round-up included nabbing senior leaders, capos, soldiers, and known associates from the five families--the Genovese, Gambino, Colombo, Luchese and Bonanno clans. The busts also included the DeCavalcante family, based in New Jersey and said to be the inspiration for The Sopranos, the long-running hit series on HBO, which is now in syndication. Speaking of The Sopranos, former star Vincent Pastore, who played "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero on the show, got into a name-calling scuffle with rapper Tony Testa when Pastore demanded a limousine and top credits on a video shoot for Testa's new CD. The video also included Joe Gannascoli, who played closet gay Vito Spatafore, Sr., on the series.

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