Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Bachelor

I have a confession to make--yes, I watched last night's premiere episode of Season 15 of The Bachelor. I also have to confess that it was hard to watch as this show has moved from a voyeuristic curiosity to embarrassing television. And, the embarrassment isn't ABC's--it's embarrassing for those playing out this reality drama in front of our viewing eyes.

This season we have Brad Womack as our bachelor--a fellow who participated in the show four seasons ago and, egads, rejected both of the final female contestants. Womack returns this year to try again and confessed to host Chris Harrison last night that he's undergone counseling for his decision and the hurt he caused the contestants. Well, wouldn't you know it but here come the two rejected young women from Season 11, trotted out on air by ABC to confront Womack before the current season, and the unveiling of the 30 female contestants, even gets underway.

The drama then shifted to the chosen 30--who are they, where are they from and what are they like? Well, we were treated to a lineup where every contestant tried to one-up the other upon the first meeting with Womack. We had the Radio City Rockette who pranced out of the limo with high kicks, we had the girl from Kansas wearing her version of Dorothy's ruby red slippers, we had the one who immediately said to Womack "I want to get married," we had the gal who made Womack get on one knee to rehearse "will you marry me?", and we finally met the freak who actually had her teeth filed into fangs, given her infatuation with all things vampire. Seriously...!?

Indeed, let's try to get serious for a moment. This show revolves around women who have agreed to go on air to chase (there's no other word for it) a man--one whom they know little about and are asked to get acquainted with over the course of a few dates, some of which are group affairs. All of these women would be considered attractive and most are pretty with occupations which typically indicate a consistent form of income and personal stature. Granted, it's not all about looks nor is it about income but it begs the question, "why do these women feel the need to go on television to publicly hunt for their forever mate?"

Let's face it--everyone who participates on this show has an agenda. Some are very overt about it and we've seen that played out on both The Bachelor as well as The Bachelorette. Some act more sincere about their intentions but, again, they're on television competing for one guy/gal!

It's embarrassing--it's embarrassing that these women feel the need to do this and it's embarrassing that Womack allowed himself to be subjected to the grabbing, pawing and attention-getting antics of many of the 30. He was noticeably uncomfortable throughout the show.

Last night's premiere was the second lowest opening for this show ever. Next week that group of non-viewers will include one more in its ranks--I have to turn my eyes away from this train wreck.

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