Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wrapping up the work week

- In honor of Steve Jobs, who is on a medical leave of absence from Apple, we give you the quote of the week. Right before the iPad went on sale last year, Jobs was showing off Apple's newest hot product to a small group of journalists. One of the media folks asked Jobs what consumer and market research Apple had implemented to provide guidance on the tablet. Jobs replied, " isn't the consumer's job to know what they want."

- Could the cooking craze be on the decline? The ratings from food shows certainly are falling. In the fourth quarter of 2010 the Food Network posted a 10.3% drop among viewers 25 to 54. And, that drop was on top of quarterly declines throughout the year. HGTV had a decline of 6.1% in Q4. The speculation among media insiders is that viewers are gravitating towards the more reality-based and competitive cooking shows.

- The NFL's final four teams in the playoffs is the equivalent of an NCAA Final Four with Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina and UCLA. The four teams who will do battle on Sunday have a combined 11 Super Bowl championships, plus numerous league, conference and division championships. And, while the NFL and FOX are likely coveting a New York-Chicago matchup in the Super Bowl, all four teams deliver large TV markets and/or a national following.

- Slash apparently rejected a request from the producers of Glee to use Guns N' Roses material in an episode of the series. Slash told Entertainment Weekly that "Glee is worse than Grease and Grease is bad enough." It's too bad--I wouldn't mind seeing the Glee kids rockin' it to Paradise City.

- Well, that didn't take long--Jesse James, the former Mr. Sandra Bullock, is officially engaged to new girlfriend Kat Von D. Speaking of Bullock, what was up with the dark locks and long bangs she was sportin' on the red carpet at The Golden Globes?

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