Friday, January 14, 2011

Mobile stats of the day

- Number of apps: Men, on average, have more apps on their wireless phones than do women. An average male has 31 apps on his phone and an average female has 26.

- App usage: On average, app users use 12 apps at least once per week.

- Free: 44% of all app users indicate that all or nearly all of their apps were free.

- Top ten favorite apps for males: In order--Google Maps, Facebook, Pandora, Weather, ESPN, Angry Birds, Words with Friends, Shazzam, Yahoo, Twitter, Yelp. (Isn't it funny that maps is the number one male app given the propensity of men to never ask for directions?)

- Top ten favorite apps for females: In order--Facebook, Google Maps, Weather, Pandora, Twitter, Google/Search, Words with Friends, Shazzam, Solitaire, Bank of America, Calendar.

(Source: Moose Tracker Mobile App Check)

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