Sunday, January 2, 2011

More things that make you go "hmm..."

There's been plenty of activity in the first couple of days of the new year in the advertising world which makes me go "hmm..."

For example,

- Why are the Pajama Jeans advertised so frequently on ESPNU? It's a product aimed at females but advertised during college mens' basketball. Sure, I know females watch college hoops too but, c'mon, that's not the place to advertise this hybrid product which, by the way, looks incredibly dorky.

- How come the Lexus "December to Remember" is still advertised in January? And, why does every auto manufacturer think that they need to brand their late-in-the-year sale--"Toyotathon," Nissan's "Year-End Sales Event," Acura's "Season of Reason."

- Are New Year's Resolutions truly a sincere enough endeavor that advertising for weight loss programs, smoking cessation programs, and fitness clubs make sense early in a new year?

- Back on automotive advertising, I get why local dealers advertised so heavily late in December in an attempt to make year-end numbers. Why then are those same ads appearing now on January 1 and 2?

- Why does Geico use the iconic gecko yet also run wacky stuff like the "hey you dang woodchucks-quit chucking my wood!" Hmm...

In the world of sports, it's been an interesting week or two with plenty of activity which made me think "hmm...:"

- Why is a salute deserving of a celebration penalty in college football when, in other bowl games, players made slashing motions, Jay Z's hand gesture, and generally celebrated in a far more demonstrative way than did the Kansas State receiver who got flagged late in the Pinstripe Bowl?

- Is it just me or does Brett Favre's retirement announcement seem like it might have been part of the resolution discussed (read "negotiated") with the NFL as part of the whole sexting scandal?

Finally, I was struck, in the week between Christmas and New Year's, by how much media attention was on food and drink to serve on New Year's Eve, what to wear to that New Year's Eve Party you're attending, and how to handle that morning after hangover. Really? I know of only one couple that was attending a party--most were staying at home, some were catching dinner and a movie, but no one seemed worked up about their social activities on December 31.

All in all, lots of stuff to make you go "hmm..."

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  1. Our New Years Eve consisted of putting Mylie to bed at 8:00 and Beth, Elijah and me playing Sorry: Sliders about 10 times and then watching Return of the Jedi. Elijah actually planned the whole thing. We even slept in the basement on blankets and pillows on the floor. Love it. :)