Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winding down the work week

- This is new news? It's being reported that U.S. high school students are more and more reluctant to shower at school after gym class and sports activities. The reason? Students apparently are more and more aware of the general invasion of privacy which comes from the Internet and mobile devices, meaning they are less likely to strip in a locker room. Instead, a quick dose of body spray and a shower at home appears to be the solution.

- Our quote of the week goes to Mick Jagger, who had this to say about the institution of marriage: "If you've studied or have even a passing knowledge of animal behavior, it's hard to see how our rules and regulations fit in."

- The recent heavy snowfall in New York City had an unintended consequence, yet a good outcome. Vangelis Kapatos jumped from a ninth story window in an attempt to commit suicide but landed on a pile of uncollected garbage. The garbage bags were piled much higher than usual given the inability to haul them away, due to the snow, thus breaking Kapatos' fall and saving his life.

- In what I find to be a sobering statistic, 70% of Americans say religion is losing influence on American life. And, 61% say that they are a member of a synagogue or church, the lowest percentage ever recorded in this Gallup poll.

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