Friday, April 30, 2010

Wrapping up the work week

Greetings from the left coast where it's windy and the waves off the Santa Monica Pier are breaking high.

- The breakfast menu this morning had this nugget from comedian Steven Wright:  "I went to a cafe in Paris that advertised 'breakfast anytime.'  So, I ordered pancakes from the Renaissance period."

- The Los Angeles Times reported on the mental state of the NBA Los Angeles Lakers and cited no less an authority than radio talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger.  The Lakers lead their current playoff series with the Oklahoma City Thunder 3-2--a series which most experts figured that L.A. would sweep or win easily.  Schlessinger commented on a rather common sports phenomenon of teams who have success thinking that they can "turn it on" at any time, make a run and win the game.  The doctor suggests that when these expectations aren't met, e.g., a bad pass or wayward shot, then self-confidence evaporates rather quickly.  "The minute that happens," Schlessinger said, "your game goes kerplunk."  Now, "kerplunk" isn't the most academic term for this malady but it certainly describes what has happened to teams like the NHL Washington Capitals (seeded #1 going into this month's playoffs but losing to #8 Montreal) and my Kansas Jayhawks, who lost to Northern Iowa in the second round of this year's NCAA Tournament.

- What major league pitcher, who played 60 years ago, wore the name of his hometown on the back of  his uniform?  Give up...?  It's Bill Voselle of Ninety Six, South Carolina.

- This is an amazing stat--the typical U.S. mobile user sends or receives more text messages than phone calls, with American teens averaging a whopping 2,899 texts per month.  For those keeping score at home, that's almost 94 texts a day!  (Source:  Nielsen)

- Have you seen the trailer for Sex and the City 2, opening May 27?  The girls on camels?  One has to wonder if this successful HBO and syndicated series, and popular big screen adaptation, will "jump the shark" with this second movie.

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