Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tourney field set to expand

Did you enjoy the first and second rounds of this year's NCAA Tournament? Did you enjoy Ali Farokhmanesh letting fly a late-game three to take down overall #1 seed Kansas? If not that, did you enjoy the run of St. Mary's into the Sweet 16 and, in the process, upsetting #2 seed Villanova? How about Cornell, as a 12 seed, beating up on Temple and Wisconsin and also advancing to the Sweet 16?

It's all about to end, college hoops fans--the freight train called "expansion" is about to change the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament, if today's report is correct. And, why shouldn't it be--the expansion speculation has been rampant since before this year's tournament began.

The new, expanded tournament will supposedly not involve more time away from class and will not eliminate the successful, profitable conference post-season tourneys. It will, however, provide early round matchups which will not offer up the consistent drama on demonstration in this 2010 installment of the best college sports event on the planet. And, that, hoops fans, is a shame...and a mistake.

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