Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday morning coffee

- Seriously, is there a Facebook page dedicated to "praying for President Obama's death?" Ugh...

- I find it curious, if not downright odd, that the Chiefs used their second pick on a running back/receiver when they have such a glaring need for linebacker and offensive tackle talent.

- Quote of the week: "We ought to have a tournament, the top 30 Champions Tour players verus the top 30 kids. Have a tournament on a 7,000 yard golf course. Same tees. Let's go tee it up. Let's hit it." That was Tom Watson on his suggestion that the older Champions Tour players take on the "kids," i.e., PGA Tour's top 30, on a course where length off the tee is not a mandatory but where shot-making, and a short game, are the difference. While Watson's idea is intriguing, I think players 11-30 on the PGA Tour would be vastly better than players 11-30 on the Champions circuit.

- It's Cedric the Entertainer's birthday today. In honor of his special day, let's look back on the first time I recall Cedric appearing on a national stage--in a Super Bowl commercial:

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