Thursday, April 15, 2010

The joy of air travel

Yes, I know, I have gained a rather cynical view of air travel over the past several years. But, is it any wonder? Consider the latest escapades in the friendly skies this week:

- The passenger who comes down the aisle, eyes the empty middle seat (in the exit row) between my business colleague and me, and demurely says "can I be the rose between your two thorns?" Now, before you get too excited, let me explain that said passenger was 60+ and, to be kind, average in looks. She then proceeds to spread out all of her "gear," invade space on both sides of her arm rest, and spill tomato juice on my colleague.

- The guy in front of me, on our return flight, who tries to convince the rather large man who decided to sit in that row's middle seat, to move back one row to the exit aisle, of which I was an inhabitant. When the large gent didn't budge, the guy in front of me on the aisle decides that the middle seat on my row wasn't too bad an option...and moves back.

- The heated exchange between two women who, upon landing, were jostling for position in the aisle in their hurry to exit our aircraft.

- The three children--all under the age of five--who highlighted our trip out this week with loud behavior and general undisciplined activity. Their parents, of course, acted as if the rest of us should be enthralled with the cuteness of their children.

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