Monday, April 19, 2010

The New York Post

One of the delights of coming to New York is grabbing a copy of the New York Post and checking out the "quality" journalism and daily gossip being dished up by this tabloid rag.

Here are the gems from today's edition:

- Eight tollbooths are being closed on Staten Island.
- A photo of a multi-day bearded, sloppy khakis-wearing David Letterman with a bag of flowers.
- On what they termed "serial matrimonialist" Larry King: "...he walked down the aisle for an eighth time--he married one blonde twice--without drawing up a prenup. That's like Larry, 76, stepping into a blizzard in a bikini. How can he be so unprepared for the inevitable frostbite?"
- Shaq had his son deliver a death threat to his estranged wife's new beau. His son, by the way, is six.
- "It doesn't come with a mouse--but Apple's iPad has become very popular with America's most technologically cool cats. YouTube has posted more than 385 videos of kitties playing with the world's most expensive cat toy."
- A "Countdown to LeBron" feature, i.e., "With the July 1 free agent signing period set firmly in their sights, the Knicks continue to count down to LeBron.

And, the Post loves headlines which feature phraseology like today's "KO," "splitsville," "bullish," "ballistic," "nuke," "raps," "nix," "rubber-room doom," "thugs, and, of course, "sex."

You can't get this kind of reading material just anywhere...

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