Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dive of the week

This week's dive of the week is, what else, a barbecue joint. And, after two sub-par outings at recent barbecue visits locally (to Hayward's and Snead's), I went back to an old reliable today and the place did not disappoint.

Rosedale Barbecue in Kansas City, Kansas has been, as they say, "smokin' for 75 years." Their meat is as tender as ever and the fries, as remembered, come to the table piping hot. The beer is cold, the waitresses are friendly, and the joint reeks of the atmosphere one seeks in a good 'cue joint--not too fancy...just really, really good food.

Rosedale's fare is pretty standard--the usual lineup of barbecue staples (beef, pork, turkey; burnt ends; ribs, of course; and the typical side dishes.) They feature Boulevard's lineup of brews and Stewart's soda. But, don't come here expecting Coke or Pepsi products--the cola is RC, short for Royal Crown, and it's a wonderful taste remembered from my youth. They also have RC Diet Cola and RC Cherry.

Check out Rosedale the next time you want to wander from the usual barbecue haunts in Kansas City--it's located on Southwest Boulevard just south of 7th Street Trafficway.

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