Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Musings from the LGA-BOS shuttle

- The Waldorf Astoria hotel was filled with women yesterday and, for a moment, it felt like I'd wandered into the wrong section at Bloomingdale's. Alas, the Women In Communications conference was being held there and no less than Oprah Winfrey was on hand. Ms. Winfrey attended the Matrix Awards luncheon, sponsored by the communications group.

- Apparently the success of Glee, FOX's smash show about high school choir, is causing enrollment in singing groups across the U.S. to increase.

- At midnight tonight, the doormen of New York will go out on strike unless a resolution can be reached before then between the union and property owners. If the doormen do indeed strike, I have potential employment for them at my abode, e.g., helping my wife bring in the groceries, taking out the trash, and other sundry responsibilities. There was a funny piece in The New York Times today for the citizens of those buildings with doormen--it helped explain how to get into the building, particularly if one's arms were filled with packages.

- Not surprisingly, AMC has responded to creator Matthew Weiner's comments yesterday about Mad Men where he suggested that 2012 would be the last season of the series. And, our quote of the day comes from that news report--"No one wants to see Don Draper wearing a leisure suit," read an AMC prepared statement, suggesting that the series wouldn't continue too far into the 60's and the less-than-fashion sense which came with the latter part of the decade.

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