Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mid-week musings

- 24 may be ending but FOX is expecting an advertising bonanza for the two-hour finale in May. The network has set a price of $650,000 for a 30 second commercial on the drama's final episode. The series is concluding next month after a successful eight year run.

- In the "this is sad," category, Chesea Clinton's fiance has agreed to pay her $10 million if he ever cheats on her. According to The National Enquirer, Clinton was so traumatized by her father's indiscretions that she is reticent to trust the men she has dated.

- The long-awaited iPad from Apple goes on sale Saturday. And, today's New York Times had two product reviews--one aimed at techies and one aimed at the rest of us. Universally, the reviews of this device from the mainstream media are very, very positive. Reviews from techies/geeks tend to be a bit more reserved. My prediction is that this device, like the iPhone, will engender long lines this weekend, lots of love from Apple devotees, and ultimately will evolve to a much better iPad when version two is introduced later this year or in 2011.

- I wonder if Joe Biden thinks this blog is a "big f----n' deal?"

- If you've not seen ESPN's 30 on 30, it's well worth the watch. The episode on the rivalry (probably too diplomatic a word) in the early to mid 1990s, between Reggie Miller and the Indiana Pacers versus the New York Knicks, was a riveting re-telling of Miller's clutch performances and mano a mano verbal battle with resident-fan-of-all-things New York, Spike Lee.

- Yes, it's April Fools Day. And, no, none of the above is a joke...

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