Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday morning coffee

- Yes, as expected, those who had to be first to get the new Apple iPad camped out last night at locations across the country. Here are scenes from last night/this morning at the Apple flagship store in New York:

- It was sad to hear yesterday's news about John Forsyth's passing at 92. Forsyth is best known as the voice of Charlie in Charlie's Angels (he never appeared on screen but was central to the show) and later as Blake Carrington from the TV prime-time soap, Dynasty. It was as Carrington where Forsyth's suave good looks and terrific voice fit so well for the character of a dapper, ruthless oil baron. Forsyth got his start in acting due to his voice--he parlayed a summer job as announcer for the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field into radio acting and, eventually to stage, big screen and television.

- Today's predictions: Michigan State, and vet coach Tom Izzo, end Butler's Cinderella run and West Virginia ekes out a win over Duke, setting up a fun clash on Monday between two coaches who preach toughness--Bob Huggins and Izzo.

- There's still something special about opening day in Major League Baseball. For those of us in Kansas City, it provides us, once again, the opportunity to think that "this year is the year." That feeling lasts until about mid-May, at which point we can then turn our excitement to the approach of summer. No franchise has lost more games in the past decade.

- The Tudors begins next Sunday evening, April 11, on Showtime. It's one more quality series now being produced by a pay cable station. Check it out...

- And, happy birthday to my bride today!

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