Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday morning coffee

- Quote of the week: Here's what Conan O'Brien had to say about his return to late night television on TBS, "In three months I've gone from television network to Twitter to performing live in theaters, and now I'm headed to basic cable. My plan is working perfectly." O'Brien had been rumored to be close to finalizing a deal with FOX, but agreements between FOX affiliates and certain syndicated shows stopped a deal. The new TBS show will begin in November and will pit Conan directly against Jay Leno and The Tonight Show.

- Rumor has it that a divorce is being finalized between Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin Nordegren, with the proverbial final straw being the creepy Nike ad which showed Tiger and a voice-over from Earl Woods, Tiger's father. Nordegren was reportedly none too pleased with the commercial.

- It's Earth Day this coming Thursday. And, did you know that this special day is now 40 years old? Interestingly, within that time period, average gas consumption by American automobiles has gone from 13 miles per gallon, in 1973, to 27.3 mpg for the 2011 model year.

- A new biography on Oprah Winfrey--unauthorized, of course--claims that O greatly exaggerated her childhood poverty, engaged in several lesbian affairs, and has a very distant, cold relationship with her mother. This isn't new territory for author Kitty Kelley--she's dished up similar dirt on Jacqueline Onassis, Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor. So, I guess Oprah should be proud to be hanging in that company...

- Finally, here's a trick for all of you, ahem, fast drivers out there. In Florida, a women beat a ticket for running a red light when her husband, using a stopwatch, found that the yellow light at the intersection lasted only 3.8 seconds and not the required 4.5 seconds.

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