Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wrapping up a wacky week

- A woman in Colorado was evicted for leaving up her Easter decorations too long. The woman admitted that she adorned her apartment door with Easter eggs, plastic grass, Peeps (the marshmallow candies) and other paraphernalia, and that she did resist taking down the decorations when asked to do so by apartment management. Her lawyer says her constitutional rights were violated, "An Easter decoration is a religious statement and should be protected, even if it is just bunnies."

- I wonder which gig model she had? A London teen survived a 30,000 volt lightning strike only because it was diverted by an iPod wire.

- The city of Toronto, Canada admitted that it photoshopped an African-American male into the family on its cover of its new Fun Guide. The city was trying to show its multicultural diversity.

- Utah is being invaded by grasshoppers. One estimate had up to 2,000 of the critters swarming over a single square foot of ground.

- And finally, a New York man was arrested after allegedly dressing in drag as his dead mother in order to collect her benefit checks. The assistant District Attorney asserted that the man had been conducting the fraud for six years. How was he caught? According to the assistant D.A., "he had rather large hands."

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