Monday, July 27, 2009

Marketing to women

The blogging conference BlogHer is the largest gathering of its type for female bloggers in North America. And, a recent survey of those registered at BlogHer had some interesting findings for marketers who are trying to better market to the female segment.

The survey, conducted by Ketchum Communications, found that four in 10 female bloggers have provided information or feedback collected on their blogs to marketers to help them better market to women or mothers. An even larger percentage (53%) indicated that they would do so if asked, meaning this is a fruitful place for marketers to focus as they consider how best to reach women.

Not surprisingly, the research also pointed out some warnings to marketers as they try to tap into this profitable segment:

- Take the time to read the blogs and understand the areas of focus.

- Don’t assume that all female bloggers are “mommy bloggers.”

- Know that female bloggers are “more than their blog”—they have other roles in their lives other than being a mom or a blogger, including jobs outside the home.

Respondents also pointed out their dislike of how consumer technology products are marketed to women. The most common mistake cited is “patronizing language”—33% said that this turns them off to the brand being marketed. “Stereotypes” was also cited, by 28%, as a turn-off. Other feedback included “not being clear on product benefits” (15%), “using too much jargon” (11%) and “making products that appeal to men” (7%.)

Ketchum and BlogHer collaborated on the research, which was administered online by BlogHer in late June 2009.

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