Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday morning musings

- It was a good day yesterday for Gillette. Endorsers of the mens' products brand won both the Mens Final at Wimbledon and the PGA AT&T National Tournament in Bethesda, MD. The endorsers are, of course, tennis great Roger Federer and golfer Tiger Woods.

- Speaking of Federer, I feel really, really badly for Andy Roddick. The guy played the match of his life only to lose to the best tennis player ever in an epic match yesterday. Interestingly, a "Congratulations Andy" ad by Lacoste, the brand endorsed by Roddick, appears today on the back page of The New York Times' sports section. A similar full-page, congratulatory ad for Federer, by Gillette, appears inside the same section. At least Roddick beat Federer today on the advertising placement front.

- Public Enemies opened this past long weekend with a not-too-bad take of $26.2 million. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen both took in $42.5 million. Enemies cost about $100 million to make and has also received a lot of marketing support behind the launch of the film. It will be interesting to see how the movie continues to fare--do summertime movie-goers want serious, shoot-'em-up cinema?

- Sylvester Stallone turns 63 today. Was it really 1976--33 years ago--when Rocky became a film sensation, eventually winning an Academy Award for Best Picture? The film, by the way, was produced for $1.1 million.

- The New York Times reports today that the median age of viewers of The Tonight Show has dropped from 55 to 45 in the month since Conan O'Brien has assumed hosting duties. That's an amazing shift in viewership demographics in that short a time.

- Casey Kasem is stepping down. The 77-year old disc jockey is calling it quits after 39 years broadcasting American Top 40, the franchise he founded in 1970.

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