Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What would you give up?

The USA Today "Snapshot" information box on the front page today asked the question, "What would you give up to save the environment?" The answers provide their own snapshot into the priorities of American consumers.

iPod - 42%
Dishwasher - 38%
Microwave - 28%
Cellphone -23%
Air conditioning - 16%
TV -14%
Computer - 8%

Think about the findings for a moment--more people are willing to do without an appliance which washes their dishes versus a mobile device which makes calls, texts and checks e-mail. And, more people are willing to live without air conditioning versus having a computer!

In sum, the takeaway is that the personal computer is the most important device in the home these days. That means that a technology which only became "personal" in the mid-1980s--some 25 years ago--has surpassed televisions, microwaves and dishwashers as a "must have" item. Amazing...

(Source: Shelton Group for Eco Pulse, online survey of 1,006 adults, April 17-May 1)

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