Friday, July 17, 2009


- The Emmy nominations were released yesterday. And, of course, in reviewing the list of nominees there is reaction on those rightfully recognized and those ignored. Thankfully, Cherry Jones was nominated for her role as the president in this past season of 24 even though the series did not garner recognition for Best Drama Series. And, does Thirty Rock really deserve 22 nominations?

- Starbucks is testing a concept to deal with slower sales during the evening hours. The coffeehouse chain will try out beer and wine sales at one of its Seattle stores. The idea is to sell a half-dozen or so varieties of beer and wine—all with ties to the Northwest. The price point will be between $4-$7 per drink. Former Starbuck’s Chief Marketing Officer Scott Bedbury had a great quote about the concept, “The reason Starbucks became the number one place to go for blind dates is because women are comfortable there…and the men aren’t drunk.”

- David Letterman has overtaken Conan O’Brien. Last week The Late Show with David Letterman scored higher viewership than The Tonight Show, propelled by the appearance of Paul McCartney on Wednesday evening. While The Tonight Show still draw higher viewership among young adults, Letterman has made inroads into that audience as well.

- Comings and goings: Shout outs go to our friends, Ron Bess and Tom Hansen. Bess was named President of Euro RSCG North America. Hansen left his post as President of TM in Dallas to become CEO at Heelys, Inc.

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