Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday morning coffee

- Happy birthday to former Sprint pitch-woman, Sela Ward, who turns 53 today. Wonder what Sela is up to these days?

- Also with a birthday today is Richie Sambora, 50, of Bon Jovi--he of the Heather Locklear/Denise Richards romantic triangle of two years ago. (Sambora and Locklear divorced in 2007.)

- Surgeons recently completed a successful eight-way kidney transplant involving 16 people in four U.S. states--a record for so-called domino transplants. The effort took place over three weeks in Baltimore, St. Louis, Oklahoma City and Detroit.

- It's official--Mad Men will begin season three on AMC on August 16.

- Talk about no-frills flying. A low-cost European airline asked Boeing to design a plane with standing room so that they could pack in more passengers. Those standing would fly with a belt buckling them to a metal pole.

- Here's an interesting cocktail--authorities in Malaysia confiscated 900 boxes of coffee laced with Viagra. The distributor claimed that the mixture would "provide an energy boost." No foolin'...

- It was hard to miss the numerous television shots and photographs, over the past week, of the gold casket at Michael Jackson's funeral. The casket was a custom-built model, fashioned from bronze, plated with 14-carat gold and lined with plush velvet. According to the New York Daily News, Jackson was impressed by the casket at "The Godfather of Soul," James Brown's, funeral service three years ago and promptly ordered a casket for himself. Cost: $25,000.

- Britney Spears' and her ex, Kevin Federline's, physiques are headed the opposite directions. While Spears has regained most of her former, toned body, Federline has ballooned in weight by nearly 100 pounds since his divorce from Brit. K-Fed now checks in at a non-svelte 235 versus his former dancing weight of 150.

- Who are these people? Three percent of Americans say there hasn't been enough coverage of Michael Jackson's death, according to Pew Research.

- And, to close, for all you weekend golfers, here is the quote of the day from PGA Tour player Padraig Harrington, who has missed five straight cuts at tour events. Harrington said, of his driving woes, "My driver is an office club at the moment. It works 9 to 5 and never on weekends."

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