Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I was just thinkin'...

- I miss the Kia Soul spots with the hamsters groovin' in the car to Marz.

- has a poll asking "will the New York Times make it past 2012?" Sad...yes, the newspaper is having financial issues but the thought of losing our nation's best-known newspaper is depressing.

- Either Wes on The Bachelorette was a heckuva actor or Jillian had the worst intuition and discernment of any female on reality programming.

- Mad Men can't get here quick enough. Is it August yet?

- It was great to see The Sporting News rank Kauffman Stadium #6 out of all Major League Baseball ballparks. Number one was, no surprise, Boston's Fenway Park followed by PNC Park, Pittsburgh; Wrigley Field, Chicago; Camden Yard, Baltimore; and AT&T Park, San Francisco.

- One consequence of the number of retailers who are closing doors is that the vacant real estate is one of the hottest new advertising venues. Advertisers are using the empty storefronts for ad messages and, in some cases, more immersive experiences with consumers. For commercial real estate companies, it's better than an empty space not pulling in any revenue.

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