Monday, July 20, 2009

Tom--the day after...

I like what Jason Gay wrote this morning in the Wall Street Journal about Tom Watson's failed attempt yesterday to win the British Open.

Gary wrote, "As magnificent as Mr. Watson was, we couldn't help but crack up at all the pandering over his age, as if he were an ossified relic puttering up the fairway upon a cherry-red Rascal. This was a fit, athletic man who'd won eight majors in his career. As he himself noted, he felt capable of playing excellent golf on a course like Turnberry, which rewards dexterity and intelligence as much as muscle fiber.

But, who was not inspired by his sprightly surge? Starting on Thursday, Mr.Watson stunned the tournament with a three-day trip through a time portal to his puffy-haired 1980's heyday. And, he'd done it with a gentlemanly mien and a charming sense of self-deprecation...Let that twinkle and spunk, and not the playoff immolation, be the memory of Mr. Watson's weekend."

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