Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wi-Fi invading airline travel

The prospect of having a Wi-Fi signal on your next domestic airline trip is getting closer to reality--some airlines are working to quickly offer Wi-Fi to travelers.

AirTran, a low-cost carrier out of Florida, announced last week that they are installing Wi-Fi in their jet fleet. Delta Airlines is also working to quickly install Wi-Fi as are American Airlines, United, Virgin America and Air Canada.

There are obvious drawbacks to the coming service. One, it isn't cheap--AirTran plans to charge $7.95 for flights of any length. Two, jets don't offer electrical outlets so travelers will have to have appropriate battery power for longer-length flights. And, finally, there still is no solution for the guy in front of you who insists on lowering his seatback, thus minimizing your space and ability to type while your laptop is smashed against your chin.

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