Thursday, May 14, 2009

Random thoughts for a Thursday

- It's very interesting what happens when you wear a necktie now in corporate America. In this age of "business casual," people look at you with reactions ranging from "did you have to attend a funeral?" to "what's that thing around your neck?"

- The Royals bandwagon has thrown a rod. The team lost its fifth game in a row last night and the "fans" are jumping ship quickly. It seems too many have seen this movie before...

- Congratulations to Kyle and Pattie Petty for breaking ground yesterday on another Victory Junction Gang Camp. This one will be located in our backyard--in Kansas City, KS in proximity to Kansas Speedway. If you're unfamiliar with the camp, please visit the link below. The camps were founded in memory of Adam Petty, Kyle's and Pattie's son, who died in 2000, at age 19, in a racing accident.

- There's nothing much better than a warm spring day in Lawrence, KS.

- I wonder if American Idol will return four judges next season? Four is one too many...

- I miss Vista Burger in Lawrence. I also wonder whatever happened to Tan Man, the perpetually tan "man" who frequented the University of Kansas campus, with shirt off no matter the season, riding his bike. I also miss Joe's Bakery not being open--the sign's still there but the insides are vacant.

- Is anyone surprised that there is speculation that USC head basketball coach Tim Floyd paid then star high schooler O.J. Mayo to play for the Trojans? Mayo's case could join former USC football star Reggie Bush's investigation as another black eye for the Southern Cal athletic department.

- Can't wait for this: Martin Scorcese will direct a biopic about the life of Frank Sinatra.

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