Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer Rock II

Back in the day, Arrowhead Stadium and then Royals Stadium (now Kauffman Stadium) in Kansas City, MO hosted multi-act summer concerts. Chicago and the Beach Boys performed together. So did Santana and Peter Frampton. But, no concert featuring multiple groups was more anticipated than Summer Rock II--Dan Fogelberg, Linda Ronstadt and The Eagles.

In 1978, The Eagles were at their peak of commercial success as was Ronstadt. The Eagles were fresh on the heels of their epic album, Hotel California. Ronstadt dominated the radio airwaves. And, Fogelberg was a part of the Irving Azoff stable of country rock acts and thus made a natural opening act for the other two marquee performers.

I stumbled across the pre-concert coverage of this rock fest from the Kansas City Star along with the review of the concert. What was funny was the controversy over the ticket prices. Are you sitting down--the tickets ranged in price from $12-$15! According to the Star, this was "a staggering amount considering that only 10 years ago you could see The Beatles for $5."

The concert drew 54,000 to Arrowhead, becoming the largest grossing concert in Kansas City rock history, up to that point.

The Eagles have since made several appearances in Kansas City, including two in the past year at the Sprint Center. And, prices for the tickets to these shows were far north of the $15 mark. For that amount today, you might be able to buy a beer, a hot dog and some nachos at the arena.

My, how the concert business has changed in the past 30 years!

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