Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sometimes you just need a good burger

For many of us, there’s nothing better than a really good burger—the kind that’s served by notable burger eateries like In N Out Burger, Booches (Columbia, MO), the Westport Flea Market (Kansas City), or Five Guys.

It seems our Prez has that same hankering every so often as well. First we learned that First Lady Michelle Obama snuck out recently to the Five Guys burger chain with some staff members. Now we find out the President Obama drug along Vice President Joe Biden and members of the press corps to Ray’s Hell-Burger, across the Potomac from the White House in Arlington, VA.

The Prez ditched his schedule to make the impromptu trip to Ray’s, a down-home joint where you order at the counter, sit at wooden tables and don’t eat fries because owner Michael Landrum says, “fries would be overkill.” You see, at Ray’s, it’s all about the burgers.

The entire trip only took 45 minutes but we have to believe the President and VP felt much better when they got back to the Oval Office that afternoon. After all, nothing beats a good burger…

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