Friday, May 29, 2009

Personal brands being utilized by companies

"Personal branding" is a hot term these days. It's usually defined as the notion of individuals having their own brand--how others perceive them given how they act, speak, look, dress and so forth. The personal branding concept suggests that success can often come from self-packaging. published an interesting article today on personal branding and that companies are recognizing the power of this concept. Many Fortune 500 companies are selecting employees with strong personal brands as those they want to put front-and-center as brand ambassadors for the company's brand.

Companies are figuring out that their brands are measured, and impacted, in so many different ways. And, there are few things more important than having employees who believe in the company's brand. It's smart of these organizations to figure out that placing select employees, with strong personal brands of their own, in visible, externally-facing roles will very much assist their company's brand strength.

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