Monday, February 1, 2010

Taylor Swift

I've watched her win award after award, whether at the American Music Awards, the Country Music Association awards, or at last night's Grammy Awards. And, finally, I'm going to just say it--I don't get the fascination with Taylor Swift.

Yes, she seems like a very nice young lady--someone who is genuine and, at least on the surface, not jaded by her recent success and recognition. I also can understand why she thus gets plenty of fan-awarded recognition. I understand that she became a darling of the American public after being victimized, on stage, by Kanye West. But, the critical acclaim? Why?

Swift's voice is, candidly, not good. Her Grammy duet with rock icon Stevie Nicks last night was downright embarrassing. Say what you want about Nicks--the witchcraft thing, the soap-operatic life as a member of Fleetwood Mac--but the woman can sing. Nicks has a voice that was distinctive as a 20-something and is distinctive now. Swift, on the other hand, sounds like a high school singer trying to use her too soft, breathy voice on a stage where it can't compete.

As a lyricist, Swift writes songs which appeal to a youngish female audience. But, again, I'm hard-pressed to understand why critics find these lyrics so worthy of acclaim when compared to lyrics from others in her genre.

I'm freely admitting that "I don't get it" and am looking for guidance by those who do. What's the big deal here?

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