Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The most successful basketball coach?

It's hard to watch a televised college basketball game without hearing one of the announcers talking about this coach or that coach as "arguably, the best coach in America."

So, who is the best coach in the U.S.? If defined by consistent success, the answer may be the guy right down the road from here.

This season will be Kansas coach Bill Self's 11th consecutive season with single digit losses. For comparison, here all such Division 1 streaks of at least two years (prior to 2010) by coaches who have not lost at least 10 games this season.

1. Bill Self - 10 (Tulsa 2000, Illinois 2001-2003, Kansas; one loss in 2010)
2t. Dave Rose - 4 (BYU; three losses in 2010)
2t. John Calipari - 4 (Memphis 2006-2009, Kentucky; one loss in 2010)
4t. Mike Krzyzewski - 2 (Duke; four losses in 2010)
4t. Tom Izzo - 2 (Michigan State; seven losses in 2010)
4t. Brad Stevens - 2 (Butler; four losses in 2010)
4t. Mark Few - 2 (Gonzaga; five losses in 2010)
4t. Randy Bennett - 2 (Saint Mary's; five losses in 2010)

For consecutive seasons just in major conferences, Self stands out even more:

1. Self - 9 (Illinois and Kansas)
2t. Krzyzewski - 2 (Duke)
2t. Izzo - 2 (Michigan State)

Consistency is hard to maintain in college hoops--the fact that Self has done it in such dominant fashion is nothing short of amazing.

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