Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday morning slush

- Seriously, is this the longest, grayest winter in recent memory? Ugh...

- Quote of the day: "You have to play until you frickin' die," said University of North Carolina head basketball coach Roy Williams after another loss yesterday--this time to Boston College. Williams was upset with his point guard, Larry Drew, looking over at the bench after a turnover and saying "my fault."

- On this date in 1948, NASCAR was incorporated. The sport, now over 60 years old, today begins the rigor of its post-Daytona schedule--drivers and teams competed in Daytona Beach, FL last week and today are in Fontana (suburban Los Angeles), CA. This is one of the tougher weeks on the schedule given the distance from east Florida to L.A.

- U.S. Olympian Scotty Lago headed home after photos appeared on of a woman kneeling below his waist to kiss his bronze medal. The U.S. Olympic Committee has worked hard to ensure proper behavior by its athletes at these games, given incidents which occurred in Turin at the last Winter Games, and suggested that Lago's move was the right one--that he was "policing himself" given the compromising photo.

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